My research focuses on hierarchical composites, developing novel nanoscale reinforcers with carbon fibres specialising in the synthesis of carbon nanoforms including carbon nanotubes and carbon aerogels. I particularly like to develop equipment and I have designed and commissioned a continuous chemical vapour deposition (CVD) reactor for carbon nanotube synthesis on carbon fibres, as well as designing electrical and small coupon jigs for composite characterisation and mechanical testing.

I currently work at Imperial College London and when I am not, I'm trying to cycle around the crowds in town or I tend to be watching the Formula 1.

I have provided links to my current project and publications, if you have any enquires please feel free to contact me.


Publication Highlights

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A selection of paper highlights with links to publishers.

Nanotechnology have selected our work on carbon nanotube-grafted-carbon fibres as a Highlight of 2017! The link to all highlighted articles can be found here.

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    Continuous carbon nanotube synthesis on charged carbon fibers

    DB Anthony, X Sui, I Kellersztein, HG De Luca, ER White, HD Wagner, ES Greenhalgh, A Bismarck, MSP Shaffer

    Composite Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing
    Vol: 112, Pages: 525-538

  • Details
    Property and Shape Modulation of Carbon Fibers Using Lasers

    JJ Blaker, DB Anthony, G Tang, SR Shamsuddin, G Kalinka, M Weinrich, A Abdolvand, MSP Shaffer, A Bismarck

    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
    Vol: 8, Pages: 16351-16358

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    Joule Heating Characteristics of Emulsion-Templated Graphene Aerogels

    R Menzel, S Barg, M Miranda, DB Anthony, SM Bawaked, M Mokhtar, SA Al-Thabaiti, SN Basahel, E Saiz, MSP Shaffer

    Advanced Functional Materials
    Vol: 25, Pages: 28-35

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    Reductive dissolution of supergrowth carbon nanotubes for tougher nanocomposites by reactive coagulation spinning

    AJ Clancy, DB Anthony, SJ Fisher, HS Leese, CS Roberts, MSP Shaffer

    Vol: 9, Pages: 8764-8773

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    Trajectory of the selective dissolution of charged single-walled carbon nanotubes

    DJ Buckley, SA Hodge, M De Marco, S Hu, DB Anthony, PL Cullen, NT Skipper, MSP Shaffer, CA Howard

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C
    Vol: 121, Number: 39, Pages: 21703-21712

  • Details
    Carbon foams from emulsion-templated reduced graphene oxide polymer composites: Electrodes for supercapacitor devices

    RT Woodward, F Markoulidis, F De Luca, DB Anthony, D Malko, TO McDonald, MSP Shaffer, A Bismarck

    Journal of Materials Chemistry A
    Vol: 6, Issue: 4, Pages: 1840-1849